Mission Statement “Act as a reliable raw milk quality partner for all players involved, by contributing to the realisation of an optimal and viable high quality monitored and safeguarded raw milk supply to the Dairy Processor” .

DairyCheq supports the milk producers and dairy processing industry worldwide with improving the raw milk quality chain, including milk sourcing, quality improvement, cooling and storage solutions, safeguarding and monitoring. Support to our clients include supply and installation of own designed and produced technical equipment combined with a wide spectrum of technical assistance support regarding; the realisation, maintaining, storage, monitoring and safeguarding of high quality raw milk.

DairyCheq: "Your Raw Milk Quality Partner".

DairyCheq   Postbus 138   Narcisstraat 14   9400 AC Assen   The Netherlands
DairyCheq is a brand name of Meko Holland B.V.

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